Friday, 6 July 2012

Life These Days

Being a just-passed-out student from school, I never been so work-less before.. No studies, smoking, bikes, babes, or late night parties for 5 months.. I wonder how I am breathing till now!! And see the irony of my fate, I don't even know for how long it would be this way... Neither do I know, when my college-life will start and I will enter the most awaited chapter of my life!
Back in the school days, I had planned so much for this vacation, but when time came, nothing worthwhile happened... All i could manage was to teach a bunch of kids how to solve quadratic equations and that too in the 1st few weeks.. Then our honorable(?) chief minister Mamta Banerjee declared summer vacations for all the schools from 15th may and my students along with their parents flew away to Kashmir... Lucky they... After a few weeks being bore with the boredom, I started writing a novel.. A novel which leads you to the journey of my hostel life.... Life full of studies, smoking, bikes, babes, and late night parties... Take you to the place where my soul lies.... But cruel god ( or the board of WBJEE) threw the date of counselling in between.... And as a result, the novel has to paused on its initial few chapters... Damn college, do hell to career  ,, i just wanted to write..
But all this this way which was common in my daily routine was the hours and mega-bytes spend on my laptop surfing through the internet and visiting sites like Facebook, gmail, Facebook, twitter, Facebook, orkut, and Facebook....... The core of the fact is even if I was willing to leave Facebook, Facebook wasn't in a mood to leave me.. And as a result, my friend list became pregnant with 354 more friends!! ( I swear I am giving you the exact stats).
And another result was i came to know that there are much much more just-passed-outs who want to live these golden days in there own manner, in there own way,, but failed do so because their parents want to keep their 'gems' as close as possible..

And also, I was introduced to one more parallel world ..... The world of artistes...  They play, the sing, and they write...
I found something common between them and me... We both share the the same passion, same emotions and same creations.... Interacting to them I become known to the world of blogs, forums, and pages, where they share their views, their creations to the whole world..
Well I'm trying to do the ditto here.. I hope would find some readers who will tolerate my nonsense.... Because in any way, I will not stop vomiting the shit :)