Monday, 17 September 2012


Sitting by my side
myself is blaming me.
Drinking every drop of light,
darkness is craving me.
I wanted to run way,
but the doors are closed.
I threw my heart away,
and the body follows.
But loneliness is pulling me,
and my body stuck hard.
And the metal frame is eating me,
the bones tear apart...

The darkness is fighting the light,
the wall starts to move.
My heart is feeling the height,
coming down the roof.

Looking away
from the cry
I see the sky,
the birds those fly.
The grass so green
And the girl so shy.
The beauty outside
and love so high...

When i turn around,
my room was filled with pain.
I wanted to scream loud,m
but every scream was in vain..

I found envy
sitting by my side,
where there was myself,
now that he hide.
There is loneliness
all over the walls.
There is darkness,
from the roof it falls.
There is sorrow.
There is jealousy,
The room so narrow,
And blood so glossy.

Fading up, moments by moment,
I stole my sight.
I found my heart in the pavement.
Dusty, lying aside.
But, it was filled with happiness.
there was no sorrow.
I was sitting inside,
As I am looking through a window........

Tuesday, 11 September 2012


Behind the shore lines
Where light emits darkness,
is where my soul lies
filled with utter emptiness.

Behind the brown-black hair
which keeps alter,
is where my heart rise,
there it takes shelter.

Behind the spontaneous smile
there hides a furious cry.
keep staring at the stars
that the moon feels shy.

Behind those puppy eyes
my heart daily cries,
is where  the pain rise
overflowing the sadness........... :(