Friday, 12 October 2012

You Said You'd Come Back

Standing by the road side,
Smile at one hand
And cry in the other.
Juggling them furiously,
I was waiting for you
till the midnight.
Drenched in fear,
Wet alone the road
And standing still,
I waited.
Because you said
You'd come back...

I cried till the dawn.
Even tears seemed dry
Without you.
The salty sorrow,
I drank to the last drop.
And with swollen face,
I waited,
Because you said
You'd come back...

Standing beneath the sun,
I didn't felt the warmth.
Smiling unconsciously,
I didn't felt the happiness.
Through the broken mirror,
I look deep into myself,
And I saw none but you.
The sharp pain,
Cut my vain.
And standing half into the blood,
I waited.
Because I believed,
And you said,
You'd come back...

I searched for light,
In the lonely black night.
But end up finding darkness,
Where I felt comfort.
I envied you,
I cursed you.
But I was bounded.
Because I loved you.
And the night mocked me,
Pointing at you,
That you'll never come back.
But I was sure.
So damn sure,
That I waited
Till the last breath.
But still I believed,
Because of your words.
Once you had said,
You'd come back...