Thursday, 24 March 2016


I’ve heard,
The pinch of skin,
That forms an oval indent on her perfect face
Catches more attention than Monalisa’s grin.
I’ve heard that with a single look
She can penetrate someone’s heart
Like a sharp knife does to a blob of butter.
I’ve heard she sings the sweetest of songs,
Recites the darkest of poetry.
She dances like there is no tomorrow,
And she paints flawlessly.

I’ve also heard,
Rumors about her past,
Men she'd been with, men she'd lived part.
I’ve heard people pray, play and pay
Just to be with her for sometime.
But she was like a hurricane,
Binding her would be a crime.
I’ve heard stories made of her,
About her beauty and fame.
The most desirable woman. Or so they claim.

But so much can be heard from beyond the reach,
So one day I decided to meet.

She was something that all of us wanted to be,
She had everything that we wanted to have.
She was somebody the warriors could die for
She was someone all men wanted to grab.

My search began from the mountain
And moved to the plain.
Seasons changed but my search didn’t stop.
Someday it scorched, someday it rained.
And then, in a vacant warfield I found a stain.
Of a place I’ve never heard of, and a name.
After a few hiccups I found the den,
Of the most gorgeous woman.

‘Don’t spill the secret’ the guard said.
‘Let others find themselves,
Of this place and this cave’.
And in I went, to darkest corner,
And waited till the sun kissed the roof
And finally I could see her,
Loud and clear.
Just like the stories said,
Just like I pictured her.
There she was standing tall,
Smiling through the mirror.

Pic courtesy  : 5phoron( Supriyo Mondal)